Leaf Identification

The leaves of the Austrian Pine are stiff needles with a spiral leaf arrangement, 4″ to 7″ in length. They are plate-like and found in bundles (fascicles) of two. They are a dark green and stay attached all year.

Twig and Bud Identification

Austrian Pine twigs are very stout and dark brown. The terminal buds are large and ovid with white markings.

Bark Identification

The Austrian Pine are ridged and furrowed. It creates scales in a mosiac of gray, brown, and white.

Cone Identification

The Austrian Pine has a oval, stalkless seed cone that matures to a brown color. It is around 3″ long. The little point at the end of each cone scale (umbo) is a very short prickle. The staminate cones are cylindrical, orangish-yellow, and gather in clusters at the end of the twig. The immature ovulate cones are small and red-brown.

Pine ID Tips

  • The Austrian Pine has two needles per fascicle, setting them apart from the majority of oaks.
  • Of two-needled pines, the Austrian pine has one of the longest needles, 7″ at longest.
  • The only other two-needled pine of similar length is the Red Pine; however, the Red Pine has thinner, brighter needles than the Austrian Pine. As well, the Austrian Pine’s needles will not snap when bent, whereas the Red Pine’s needles will. Finally, the cone of the Austrian Pine is nearly always larger (up to 4″) than that of the Red Pine (up to 2 1/2″).