Cucumber Tree Magnolia

Arbor walk #107

This tree is in the Magnoliaceae family and is native to Missouri; another common name is cucumber tree. The cucumber tree is named by its cucumber-like fruits (seedcones) after the flowers. 

Name Cucumber Tree Magnolia
Latin Name Magnolia acuminata 
Type Native
Diameter Multi stem
Color of Leaf Dark green, yellow-brown in fall
Shape of Leaf Simple, alternating with entire leaf margins, 4-10″ long
Color of Flower Yellow-green
Shape of Flower Large, tulip-like
Fruit Characteristics 2-3″ long aggregate, green warty seedcones
Bark Characteristics Gray and smooth when young, becomes shallowly furred
Foliage Type Deciduous

This is a deciduous tree with straight trunk and pyramidal crown. The first blooms come out after 12 years or more. This tree always produces bright colors in the fall. Unlike the majority of Magnolia cultivars, these flowers are not very showy, and instead are smaller, maturing to a dark red color. This Magnolia however, is one of the largest, and can reach nearly 100 feet in ideal conditions.

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