Bald Cypress

Arbor walk #16

This tree is native to wetlands and swamps in the midwest but is adaptable to urban conditions. Its needlelike foliage turns russet red and drops in the fall.

Common Name Bald Cypress
Latin Name Taxodium distichum
Type Native, Shade
Diameter 12.5″ dbh
Color of Leaf Light green, russet red and drops in the fall
Shape of Leaf Needlelike
Color of Flower Green
Shape of Flower

Male Flower—Drooping clusters at ends.

Female Flower—Globe- shaped at ends.

Bark Characteristics Long loose shreddy ridges

The Bald Cypress most often grows in swamps and wetlands. These trees are very slow growing, and can live for thousands of years. Often a population of Bald Cypress will be found in what is known as a “Cypress Dome.” This refers to the structure of the taller trees growing in the deepest water, as the smaller ones grow along the edges. This dome like structure creates a hole filled with water in the center, and is important for aquatic wildlife, as it may hold water year round.

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