Golden Raintree

Arbor walk #24

This tree’s unique foliage, summer blooming yellow flowers, and lantern-like fruit make it one of the most interesting trees in the campus forest.

Name Golden Raintree
Latin Name Koelreuteria paniculata
Type Adaptive, Ornamental
Diameter 23.5″ dbh 
Color of Leaf Dark green, yellow fall color
Shape of Leaf Compound pinnate
Color of Flower Yellow
Shape of Flower 1/2″ Long forming 1 to 15 long & wide panicles
Shape of Bark Gray, smooth to rough

Although the Golden Raintree is mainly admired for its beauty, these tree are actually quite durable and weather resistant. Native to Eastern Asia, it has a moderately short lifespan of about 50 years, and is generally planted around walkways, patios and streets.

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