American Elm

Arbor walk #31, Treekeeper ID #2408

The American Elm is native to much of Eastern North America, and it grows in low moist areas and along streams across the state of Missouri. This tree was once widely planted along streets and lawns in cities across the US but populations were decimated by Dutch Elm Disease, which has led to the destruction of millions of elms across the globe. The ‘Valley Forge’ Cultivar is best known for its resistance to the Dutch Elm disease. The pathogen is a fungus that is carried by boring beetles and is incurable once a tree is infected. Although the cultivar was only recently introduced and so none of them have grown to maturity (60+ years in age), it is expected to be able to grow upwards of 70ft in height like the wild-type American Elm species.

Common NameAmerican Elm
Latin NameUlmus americana
Indigenous Name(s)
Cultivar/Variety‘Valley Forge’
Commercial Name

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