Black Gum

Arbor walk #32, Treekeeper ID #2247

The Black Gum, also called Tupelo, is a Missouri native and flexible mid-western species capable of growing in both standing water and rocky slopes. The Black Gum can grow as high as 90ft, although it generally only grows to a height of about 40ft. Its brilliant fall colors make up for its less showy flowers that bloom in May and June. The Black Gum flowers yield edible, sour fruit which is long and dark blue in color and gives the tree its name.

In addition to sharing its vivid fall coloration with the wild-type species, the leaves of ‘Wildfire’ cultivar emerge as a dramatic red color in the spring before fading to green throughout the summer.

Common NameBlack Gum
Latin NameNyssa sylvativa
Indigenous Name(s)
Cultivar/Variety ‘Wildfire’
Commercial Name

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