Fringe Tree

Arbor walk #33

This tree is a Missouri native which grows easily in fertile, moist soil. In the wild typically grows at forest transition boundaries, along stream banks, or in the margins of limestone glades. Its common name refers to the elongated fringes of the white terminal petals of their flowers.

Name Fringe Tree
Latin Name Chionanthus virginucus
Type Native 
Diameter 2.1″ caliper
Color of Leaf Lustrous medium green, yellow fall color
Shape of Leaf 3-8″ Elliptical leaves
Color of Flower White
Shape of Flower Fleecy clusters of strap-like, four-petaled flowers
Fruit Characteristics 1/2″ long bluish drupe
Bark Characteristics Light grey-brown, slightly ridged
Foliage Type Deciduous

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