Elm ‘Frontier’

Arbor walk #44

The Frontier Elm is a cultivar of Ulmus parvifolia, called the Chinese or Lacebark Elm, which is native to much of Eastern Asia. This cultivar has been developed for its good resistance to the deadly Dutch elm disease, elm yellows, and the elm leaf beetle. This medium-sized tree is hardy and tolerant to drought, heat, and poor soil which make it well suited as a replacement for the many elms used residential landscapes and city streets that in the future will no longer be viable due to disease and climate change.

Name Elm ‘Frontier’
Latin Name Ulmus x ‘Frontier’
Type Adaptive, Shade
Diameter 9.5 dbh
Color of Leaf Shiny dark green, turn to purplish red
Shape of Leaf Alternate leaves with toothed edges
Color of Flower —-
Shape of Flower —–
Fruit Characteristics Flat, circular winged seeds
Bark Characteristics Gray-green and smooth with orange lenticels
Foliage Type Deciduous

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