Flowering Dogwood

Arbor walk #53, Treekeeper ID #1410

Often claimed as the most beautiful of North America’s native flowering trees, the Flowering Dogwood is the state tree of both Missouri and Virginia. It’s early-spring blooms of showy white petals surrounding tiny clusters of yellow dogwood flowers, are among the trees most dramatic characteristics. Its bright red fruits are attractive to birds but inedible to humans. ‘Appalachian Spring’ is a cultivar of this tree found growing wild near Camp David Presidential Retreat in Maryland which boasts near 100% resistance to Anthracnose, a disease which has caused considerable devastation of the Eastern U.S. Dogwoods.

Common NameFlowering Dogwood
Latin NameBenthamidia florida (previously Cornus florida)
Indigenous Name(s)
Cultivar/Variety ‘Appalachian Spring’
Commercial Name

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