American Holly

Arbor Walk #69, Treekeeper ID #3034

The American Holly is an evergreen tree with leathery leaves that are spiny along the leaf margin. It has bright red fruit that is easily recognizable.

The American Holly is most famous for its use in the construction of Christmas wreaths. The tree itself is typically 15-30 feet tall when cultivated, but in the wild, it can reach up to 50 feet tall. It typically has a pyramidal shape, and it is native to the Eastern and Central regions of the United States. In addition, the iconic red, berry-like drupe that it produces is popular with many birds, but it is poisonous to humans. Furthermore, the American Holly is typically planted in groups of 4 to allow for cross-pollination to produce the berries. Arbor Walk #69 is female since it produces fruit.

Common NameAmerican Holly
Latin NameIlex opaca
Indigenous Name(s)
Commercial Name

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