Dawn Redwood ‘Raven’ SHAW’S LEGACY

Arbor walk #73

This conifer relative of the impressive sequoia redwoods is named after MO Botanical gardens director Dr. Raven and founder Henry Shaw. It has feather-like leaves and grows quickly in wet soils. The cultivar is different from normal Dawn Redwoods in that it has a pyramidal growth pattern, deeply furrowed bark, has better resistance to common leaf-disease, and low branching. These trees can grow to mature heights of 70 to 100 feet tall.

Name Dawn Redwood
Latin Name Metasequoia glyptostrobodies ‘Raven’
Type Adaptive
Diameter 8″ dbh
Color of Leaf Light green spring, deep green summer, red-bronze fall
Shape of Leaf Linear, feathery, fern-like
Color of Flower N/A
Shape of Flower N/A
Fruit Characteristics Oval, light brown female cones 3/4″ long, male pendant globose 1/2″ long
Bark Characteristics Reddish, deeply fissured
Foliage Type Deciduous