Norway Spruce

Arbor walk #77, TreeKeeper ID #2644

This European spruce is often planted in temperate regions of the United States as a wind blocker, as it can grow quickly and reach an average height of 60 feet in artificial habitats. The tree’s early branches are tilted upwards, but over time the branches adopt a more open and perpendicular stance. Cones are roughly cylindrical and are roughly 9 inches in length. The Norway Spruce is one of the fastest growing in the spruce family, and are important for wildlife. Not only does this spruce provide cover in the winter, due to its tough, flexible wood, but also a place where birds can make their nests, due to its many dense secondary branches. 

Common NameNorway Spruce
Latin NamePicea abies
Indigenous Name(s) 
Commercial Name 

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