Shingle Oak

Arbor walk #85

This atypical oak lacks the normal lobed leaf structure seen in other oak species. Its common name derives from the fact that early settlers in the Midwest often used wood from the tree to shingle their roofs. 

Name Shingle Oak
Latin Name Quercus imbricaria
Type Native
Diameter 40″ dbh
Color of Leaf Dark green, glossy
Shape of Leaf Narrow, oblong, smoothed margined, 3″to 6″long, 1″to 2″ wide
Color of Flower Inconspicuous yellowish-green
Shape of Flower Separate male & female catkins
Fruit Characteristics Acorns to 3/4″ long, scaly cups cover 1/3 of acorn length, ripen and drop fall of 2nd year
Bark Characteristics Brownish-gray, shallow furrowing & ridging at maturity
Foliage Type Deciduous

This oak’s acorns drop every other year and have large caps that cover the ½ inch fruit. While it is commonly found in the Ohio River Valley, the tree grows natively from Pennsylvania to Missouri, and is a very popular shade tree because it is considered to be low-maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of conditions. 

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