A graphic of Brookings that reads "Total Number of Trees on Danforth Campus: 5,000+" and "Total Number of Unique Species: 200+"

Washington University in St. Louis is 1 of 10 institutions in Missouri to gain status as a Tree Campus USA. Initiated by Kent Theiling, grounds and landscape design manager for the Danforth Campus, this website highlights a collection of notable trees on campus.

Trees provide human comfort, establish perceptions of structure, significant financial value, and create a distinctive aesthetics. Existing in over 200 different species on the Danforth Campus, they play a major role in the outdoor architecture as the most defining element of the campus landscape. In addition, they require the most long range planning to ensure their sustained and resilient impact.

The presence of those trees on a university campus like Washington University in St. Louis’ create a healthy community. In order to maintain awareness and educate the community of such positive and crucial aspect, Theiling leads Arbor Walks of the Danforth Campus once in each fall and spring semester.

The information in this Arboretum Catalog was drawn from resources provided by the Missouri Botanical Gardens, The Morton Arboretum, and The Arbor Day Foundation, as well as from the expert knowledge of Washington University Grounds Manager/Horticulturist Kent Theiling.