Photo: Aamna Anwer

Washington University in St. Louis is one of only ten colleges and universities in Missouri to gain recognition as a Tree Campus USA. Initiated by Kent Theiling, Grounds and Landscape Design Manager for the Danforth Campus, this website highlights the collections of notable trees in our campus arboretum which is certified as a level II arboretum in the Arbnet consortium.

The more than 300 species of trees on the Danforth Campus play a major role in the outdoor architecture as key elements of the campus landscape. The campus canopy is the result of careful planning for the continued success of the local plant community. We carefully curate these trees for their educational, aesthetic and inherent value. We plant trees that are expected to thrive tomorrow and in the changing St. Louis climate of the next 50-100 years.

The information in this Arboretum Catalog was drawn from the expert knowledge of Washington University Emeritus Grounds Manager and Horticulturist Kent Theiling, current Grounds Manager and Certified Arborist Chris Anderson, Focal Point Manager and Certified Arborist Cody Azotea as well as our graduate and undergraduate students.