The WUSTL Arbor Walk is a self-guided tour highlighting 85 trees on campus which can be taken at any time during the year. The complete walk is about 3 hours long consists of around 9,800 Steps or 4.90 miles.

Guided tours are provided during the Fall and Spring seasons. 
Check the upcoming events section of The Record for upcoming dates and times

To explore the walk on your own, look for the Arbor Walk signs (pictured right) either placed next to or pinned on its respective tree, and simply scan the QR code with your phone. (If you are not using iOS you may need an app that can process QR codes)

Persian Parriota

State Street Maple

Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia 

Yoshino Cherry Allée

Lacebark Elm

Morton Exclamation London Planetree

Espresso Kentucky Coffeetree

Common Hackberry

Red Maple



Ginkgo Apple

Tulip Poplar

European Beech


Bald Cypress

American Basswood

Black Walnut

Pin Oak

American Hornbeam


Willow Oak

Green Ash

Golden Raintree

Kwanzan Cherry

Chinkapin Oak Allee

Red Buckeye

Honey Locust



Valley Forge Elm

Black Gum

Fringe Tree

Deodora Cedar

Sweet Gum

Paper Bark Maple

Bald Cypress

Red Bud

Foster Holly

Downy Serviceberry

Kousa Dogwood


White Oak

Frontier Elm

Osage Orange

Sugar Maple

Eastern Wahoo

American Beech

Scarlet Oak

Paw Paw

Eastern Red Cedar

Emerald Sunshine Elm

Appalachian Dogwood


Swamp Chestnut Oak

Overcup Oak

Moonglow Magnolia

Red Oak

Japanese Zelkova

American Sycamore

Black Walnut

American Arborvitae

Southern Magnolia

Horse Chestnut

English Yew

Seven Sons Flower

Downy Hawthorne

Post Oak

American Holly


Southern Red Oak

Limber Pine

Dawn Redwood

European Hornbeam

Smoke Tree Ancot ‘Golden Spirit’

‘Saratoga’ Gingko

Norway Spruce

Honeylocust ‘Skyline’

Oak ‘Kindred Spirit’

Sawtooth Oak

Flowering Dogwood


‘Butterflies’ Magnolia

Austrian Pine

Scotch Elm

Shingle Oak