Leaf Identification

The leaf of the Persimmon is broadly elliptic with an acuminate (tapering) tip, dark green, and shiny. The underside of the leaf is pale green. The leaves are 3″-6″ in length, and arranged alternately on the stem. They turn yellow in the fall.

Twig and Bud Identification

The twig is tan and zig zag. They are covered in dense hairs. The buds are orange-brown and also hairy. They have an ovate shate, slightly pointed at the tip.

Bark Identification

The bark is very distinctive, with deep, thick plates that create irregular furrows on the bark surface. The bark color is gray.

Fruit Identification

The fruit of the Persimmon is an yellow-orange ovoid berry up to 2″ wide. The fruit is edible when past ripe in late autumn and winter, but because the Persimmon is dioecious, only female trees will produce fruit.

Flower Identification

The flowers of the Persimmon are dioecious. The staminate (male) flowers are in small clusters, four-petaled, and cream-colored. The pistillate (female) flowers are also four-petaled and cream colored, but singular on the stem. The flowers have a pleasant scent and bloom in spring.