Leaf Identification

The leaves of the Bald Cypress are light green and turn a russet red in the fall. The actual leaves are small and linear on a branchlet. The form resembles a pinnately compound leaf, but it is not actually an example of one. The margin is entire and has no clear venation.

Twig and Bud Identification

Twigs of the Bald Cypress are two-ranked making it appear as part of a compund leaf. Buds are not prominent in this species.

Bark Identification

The bark of the Bald Cypress is fibrous with gray outer bark and reddish-brown inner brown. Very old trees may develop scaly bark.

Cone Identification

The cones of the Bald Cypress are globose-shaped and composed of woody scales that start out green and eventually turn brown. The cone will disintegrate into multiple seeds. The staminate cone is a drooping, long panicle (strobili), and the ovulate cone is subglobose-shaped and scaly.

‘Mickelson’ Identification

It has a narrower shape and a denser foliage compared to the native species.