Leaf Identification

The leaves of the Black Gum are dark green and elliptical with entire margins. The leaves turn a scarlet color and drop in the fall.

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Twig and Bud Identification

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Bark Identification

The Black Gum has a grayish-brown bark with deep furrows or thick blocky ridges.

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Fruit Identification

The Black Gum has dark purple, oval drupes. Usually they have about a 1/2″ diameter.They ripen in late September and only appear on females.

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Flower Identification

The flowers of the Black Gum are greenish-white. The males flower in dense heads, and the females flower in sparse clusters.

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‘Wildfire’ Identification

Its leaves emerge as a dramatic red in the spring and fades to a green color throughout the summer. The wild type only has red coloration in the fall.

‘David Odom’ Identification

It has exceptional fall colors and a pyramidal shape.