Leaf Identification

The Ginkgo has two-lobed, fan-shaped leaves with parallel veins. They are a bright green and turn a brilliant yellow in the fall.

Twig and Bud Identification

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Bark Identification

The Ginkgo has gray bark that fissures with maturity.

Cone and “Fruit” Identification

The “fruit” of the Ginkgo are apricot-colored, fleshy seed covers with silvery casts. They are messy and produce a repugnant odor. Since these trees are not true flowering plants, the “fruit” only grows on female trees and are not considered an actual fruit. Males produce pollen cones.

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‘Saratoga’ Identification

The ‘Saratoga’ variety grows slower, has more narrow and pendulous, and are a more yellow/green color compared to the traditional tree.

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‘Autumn Gold’ Identification

The ‘Autumn Gold’ variety has a brilliant gold color in the fall.

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