Leaf Identification

The leaves of the Japanese Flowering Crabapple are glossy and dark green. The leaf shape is ovate to elliptic, with arcuate veins and serrated margins. The petiole (leafstalk) and midvein are very finely pubescent (hairy). The leaves change color to yellow in the fall.

Twig and Bud Identification

The twig of the Japanese Flowering Crabapple is deep red, with white lenticels (pores) dotting its smooth surface. The twig is very subtly zig zag. The buds are red and scaled.

Bark Identification

The bark of the Japanese Flowering Dogwood is pale gray with streaks of tan and dark gray. The bark has vertical scales.

Fruit Identification

The flowers are small, about 1/3″in diameter. They are drupes (seed covered by a fleshy mesocarp and exocarp/peel)

Flower Identification

The flowers of the Japanese Flowering Crabapple are white-pink. They have many petals and a cluster of long white stamens at their center. The flowers have a pleasant odor, and bloom in the spring.