Amur Cork Tree ‘His Majesty’

Arbor walk #101

The Amur Cork Tree ‘His Majesty’ is an adaptive cultivar to the Missouri area. The Amur Cork tree is native to China and Japan. The species is able to tolerate some drought conditions and urban pollutants. They are known for attractive, furrowed bark that resembles cork, as is apparent within its name.

Name Amur Cork Tree ‘His Majesty’
Latin Name Phellodendron amurense ‘His Majesty’
Type Adaptable to region
Diameter 5.5″ caliper
Color of Leaf Dark green in summer, yellow in fall
Shape of Leaf Opposite, compound with 5-11 leaflets 4.5″ long
Color of Flower Yellow-green
Shape of Flower Non-showy panicles
Fruit Characteristics Male does not produce fruit
Bark Characteristics Grayish-brown, ridged and corky
Foliage Type Deciduous