Red Maple ‘Frank Jr’ REDPOINTE

Arbor walk #102

The REDPOINTE is a cultivar of the Red Maple species, which is native to areas in Eastern North America. It’s a large deciduous tree known primarily for its bright red leaf color that can only be described as brilliant during the fall. 

Name Red Maple ‘Redpointe’
Latin Name Acre rubrum Frank Jr. ‘Redpointe ’
Type Native Cultivar
Diameter 4″ caliper
Color of Leaf Dark green with red tinge; brilliant red in fall
Shape of Leaf Opposite, 3-5 lobes, simple, irregularly toothed, 4″ long and wide
Color of Flower Red
Shape of Flower Petaled-clusters
Fruit Characteristics Winged seeds in pairs, red to brown, 1-2″ long
Bark Characteristics Mature bark dark gray with vertical, scaly plates; young bark smooth gray
Foliage Type Deciduous

The flowers, seeds, and twigs on the Red Maple also have red color spread throughout. Although known for its iconic leaves, the samaras of the Red Maple provide food for many animals. This tree grows best in wet locations, and is commonly grown as a street tree. The Red Maple grows in the Eastern and Central portion of the United States and can grow up to 50 feet tall.

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