Shumard Oak

Arbor Walk #103, TreeKeeper ID #5795

Also named Swamp Red Oak, this tree species is a large, deciduous plant native to Southern Illinois. The Shumard Oak is within the Fagaceae family and is well-suited to urban areas due to its resistance to wet and dry sites, alkaline soil, air pollution, and road salts. Every 2-4 years, the tree produces one-inch acorns that are popular among deer and squirrel diets. Able to live up to 200 years, its leaves are medium to dark green and turn a brownish-red in late fall. Despite its longevity, this tree is susceptible to several diseases and pests, including leaf spotting, blight and mites.

Common NameShumard Oak
Latin NameQuercus shumardii
Indigenous Name(s) 
Commercial Name 

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