Quaking Aspen ‘NE Arb’ PRARIE GOLD

Arbor walk #109

This tree is in the Salicaceae family and is native to Missouri; also being recognized as the widest geographical distribution tree in North America. 

Name Quaking Aspen ‘NE Arb’
Latin Name Populus tremuloides ‘NE Arb’
Type Native Cultivar
Diameter 2.5″ caliper
Color of Leaf Light green, smooth, golden yellow in fall
Shape of Leaf Alternate, simple, 1-3″ wide, oval to nearly round with serrated margins
Color of Flower Green-gray
Shape of Flower Non-showy, dioecious, male and female separate catkins
Fruit Characteristics Drooping cluster of capsules with many seeds inside
Bark Characteristics Young is grayish-white and smooth, mature is grayish-white and furrowed with darker areas
Foliage Type Deciduous

This is a deciduous tree with narrow and rounded crown. The leaves are light green and smooth with its leaves turning to golden yellow in fall. A distinct feature of the Prairie Gold cultivar is its white bark. This species has a long lifespan, with most living well over one hundred years. The Quaking Aspen gets its name due to its trembling leaves, due to its flattened, flexible petioles.

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