Hardy Rubbertree

Arbor Walk #120

This tree gets its name from the gummy sap contained in the tree’s leaves, branches, and bark, which does not pour out like a milkweed but rather pulls apart with sticky strings like half-dried glue. Native to China, this tree has been traditionally used to treat high blood pressure, liver, and kidney issues.

The Hardy Rubbertree is the only extant (living) species within both its genus and its family. Even within its order, Garryales, there are only three genera. Although this species may resemble an elm (hence the epithet ulmoides), the Hardy Rubbertree is much more closely phylogenetically related to plants like mint, sage, tomatoes, and potatoes!

Common Name(s)Hardy Rubbertree
Latin NameEucommia ulmoides
Indigenous Name(s)
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