Carolina Silverbell

Arbor Walk #132

The best place to find this plant in the wild is the Great Smokey Mountains where they thrive. Squirrels love the four-winged, dry fruit, and Tennessee beekeepers describe it as a great honey tree. The wood is also sometimes used for cabinets, veneer, and carvings.

This tree has two recognized subspecies: Halesia carolina carolina and H. c. monticola. The latter is usually found in the most Southern parts of their range, and the only morphological difference is that this subspecies grows much larger. Arbor Walk #132 is likely Halesia carolina carolina because it is more common and the other is typically sold and referred to as Mountain Silverbell.

Common Name(s)Carolina Silverbell,
Snowdrop Tree,
Opossum Wood
Latin NameHalesia carolina
Indigenous Name(s)
Commercial Name

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