Pin Oak

Arbor walk #19

The pin oak is a popular tree that is planted because of its quick growth and the dense shade it provides. It has a distinct form that is pyramidal during early maturity but turns more oval later in life.

Name Pin Oak
Latin Name Quercus palustris
Type Native, Shade
Diameter 36″
Color of Leaf Dark green, scarlet red fall color
Shape of Leaf Broadly oval in outline, 5 to 7 narrow lobes, forked & bristle-tipped
Color of Flower Reddish
Shape of Flower

Male Flower—Hairy catkins 2″ to 3″ long.

Female Flower—Catkins are shorter.

Both borne on the same tree.

Shape of Bark Smooth when young, shallowly fissured & rough when mature

The pin oak is a popular choice of tree for landscaping and it has a distinct branching pattern that separates it from the other oaks. Unlike most oaks which have heavy horizontal branches, the pin oak has many slender branches which arch out and hang down; these main branches have pinlike branchlets, hence the name “pin oak”. In addition, the pin oak is very susceptible to pH levels in the soil and cannot tolerate high pH soils which cause chlorosis (yellowing).

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