American Hornbeam

Arbor walk #20

Native to the midwest, the American Hornbeam typically grows as an understory tree, in wetter areas. Its leaf is dark green, ovate, with doubly serrated edges.  

Name  American Hornbeam
Latin Name  Carpinus caroliniana
Type  Native, Shade
Diameter  10.5″ dbh
Color of Leaf Dull green, yellow fall color
Shape of Leaf Egg shaped & pointed at tip: 2”to 4” Long
Color of Flower Green & red
Shape of Flower Cylinder shaped catkins: 1”to 2” Long
Shape of Bark Irregularly fluted on young trees, furrowed on older trees

Also known as Ironwood, the wood of the American Hornbeam is very hard, and is used to make mallets, tool handles and cutlery. Because this tree grows low to the ground, many animals use the tree for shelter. Interestingly, Beavers use the wood of this tree for building dams, as it is readily available in their habitat.

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