Green Ash

Arbor walk #23

This native tree species is threatened by the Emerald Ash Borer. Since its discovery in 2002, the Borer, a native of Asia, has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America. Washington University is monitoring the health of ash trees and is treating a select few to prevent depletion of the species from the campus forest.

Name Green Ash
Latin Name Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Type Native, Shade
Diameter 31″ dbh
Color of Leaf Dark green, yellow fall color
Shape of Leaf Lance shaped to broad: 4″ to 6″ long, 1″ to 2″ wide
Color of Flower Green
Shape of Flower Male & female clusters on separate trees
Shape of Bark Gray, shallow groves, form diamond pattern

This tree is widely used for ornamental purposes, and is the most widely planted tree of the American Ashes. One of the most distinguishing features of the Green Ash is its anastomosing bark. Although the Green Ash bears great similarity to the White Ash, they can be distinguished by examining their leaf scars and lower leaf surfaces.

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