Deodar Cedar

Arbor walk #34, Treekeeper ID #3817

This tree species is originally native to the Himalayas range, but it is possible to grow it in certain specific conditions in North America. It is not recommended, however, to plant these trees in St. Louis because of their inability to survive the harsh winters. Of the true cedars, it has the highest tolerance of hot and humid summers; however the Deodar Cedar, especially the young trees, are susceptible to the area’s cold temperatures. It usually only grows about 50′ tall in cultivation, but in its native envrionment, it can grow upwards of 150′ to 200′.

This plant and others like it naturally deter many biting insects due to its cedar smell.

Common NameDeodar Cedar,
Himalayan Cedar
Latin NameCedrus deodara
Indigenous Name(s)
Commercial Name

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