Deodar Cedar

Arbor walk #34

This tree species is originally native to the Himalayas range, but it is possible to grow it in certain specific conditions in the St. Louis area. Of the true cedars, it has the highest tolerance of hot and humid summers; however young trees especially are susceptible to the area’s harsh winters.

Name Deodar Cedar 
Latin Name Cedrus deodara
Type Adaptable to Region
Diameter 3 caliper
Color of Leaf Bluish-green or slivery needles
Shape of Leaf 1-2″ clustered needles
Color of Flower —-
Shape of Flower —–
Fruit Characteristics Upright cones, 3 to 4 inches long and 3 inches across; deciduous scales; initially green and purplish, then later turning a reddish brown when mature, usually resinous
Bark Characteristics Initially smooth and grey brown, later developing short furrows with scaly ridge-tops
Foliage Type Evergreen

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