Eastern Redbud

Arbor walk #38, TreeKeeper ID #3141

This deciduous understory tree is the state tree of Oklahoma and is native to Missouri and much of the Eastern and Central US. It grows in medium moisture, medium fertility soils. As a result of its ideal growing conditions, it is found in a variety of environments in the wild, including open woodlands, thickets, woodland margins, limestone glades and along rocky streams and bluffs throughout Missouri. The ‘Little Woody’ cultivar is a dwarf cultivar of the native species, with a stockier and more vase-like shape, which it maintains without pruning. Unfortunately, this tree is not very disease resistant, and is susceptible to forms of blight as well as dieback and leaf spotting.

Common NameEastern Redbud
Latin NameCercis canadensis
Indigenous Name(s) 
Cultivar/Variety‘Little Woody’
Commercial Name 

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