Littleleaf Linden ‘PNI 6025’ GREENSPIRE

Arbor walk #42

The Little-Leaf Linden is uniquely adept at withstanding polluted environments, and is therefore a great shade tree for urban settings. However, it is prone to attack by Japanese beetles. The ‘PNI 6025’ cultivar grows to only about 50 feet, shorter than its species.

Name Littleleaf Linden ‘PNI 6025’
Latin Name Tillia cordata ‘PNI 6025’
Type Adaptive
Diameter 5.5″ caliper
Color of Leaf Medium green, turn to clear yellow in fall
Shape of Leaf heart shaped with uneven base
Color of Flower Creamy yellow
Shape of Flower Hanging clusters with strap shaped bract
Fruit Characteristics Small, slightly hairy, round nutlets
Bark Characteristics Greay-brown, smooth on young trunks and ages to ridges and furrows
Foliage Type Deciduous

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