White Oak

Arbor Walk #43, Treekeeper ID #2690

The White Oak is one of the most ubiquitous trees in all of the eastern United States, memorable less for any particular physical characteristic and more for its cultural significance across the country. The White Oak is the state tree of Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland, and numerous trees along the East Coast have stood in towns or cities since before European occupation. This tree is very large (growing to a height of 50-80 feet) and its wide-spreading horizontal branches provide excellent shade for larger landscapes and parks. It is natively found in drier upland environments in Missouri and throughout the Midwest.

The White Oak is a member of the subgenus of white oaks. These oaks are distinguishable from other oaks from their smooth lobe tips (no awns), their hairless leaf undersides, and their lighter, flakier bark. The acorns of white oaks are also less tannic, meaning that they require less processing to become safe and palatable.

Common NameWhite Oak
Latin NameQuercus alba
Indigenous Name(s) 
Commercial Name 

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