Sugar Maple

Arbor walk #46, Treekeeper ID #2067

This iconic tree is native to much of Eastern North America, where it is a dominant component of hardwood forests from Canada to Missouri. Loved for its exceptional fall color ranging from brilliant yellow to burnt-orange, the tree is often considered to be responsible for the reputation of New England as the home of vibrant fall color. Native Americans taught early European settlers how to tap this tree to make maple syrup, and the resulting multi-billion dollar industry has made its leaf the national symbol of Canada. The Flashfire® cultivar features exceptionally vibrant red coloration earlier in the fall, as well as better resistance to summer heat and mildew than the species tree.

Common NameSugar Maple
Latin NameAcer saccharum JFS-Caddo2
Indigenous Name(s) 
Commercial NameFlashfire®

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