Sweetbay Magnolia

Arbor walk #57, Treekeeper ID #2063

Native to the Atlantic coast of the United States, the Moonglow Sweetbay Magnolia features creamy white flowers which bloom late spring and into summer, and are known for their sweet ‘lemony’ scent. The ‘Jim Wilson’ cultivar features large pink flowers, a distinct fruit that is cone-like in shape, better cold resistance, as well as more vigorous upright growth compared to the native species tree. Classified as a semi-evergreen, it will lose its glossy leaves for only a brief period of time during the winter. Also known as ‘Swamp Magnolia’ this small tree is best planted in shady areas, and is great for wet sites and outdoor patios.

Common NameSweetbay Magnolia
Latin NameMagnolia virginiana
Indigenous Name(s) 
Cultivar/VarietyJim Wilson
Commercial Name Moonglow®

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