Honeylocust ‘Skycole’ SKYLINE

Arbor walk #78

The Honeylocust is a tough, medium-sized flowering tree, usually growing 60-80 feet tall, that casts a light shade. It has a rounded spreading crown, with greenish yellow to greenish white flowers appearing in May or June. This is an adaptable tree well suited for streets and parking lots.

Name Honeylocust ‘Skycole’
Latin Name Gleditsia triaconthos f. inermis ‘Skycole’
Type Native Cultivar
Diameter 3″ caliper
Color of Leaf Dark green, attractive yellow in fall
Shape of Leaf Pinnate to bipinnate leaves with ovate leaflets 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ long
Color of Flower Inconspicuous green yellow to greenish white
Shape of Flower Appear as racemes in late spring
Fruit Characteristics N/A
Bark Characteristics Nearly black, smooth on young trees, broken into large thick scales when mature
Foliage Type Deciduous

The ‘Skycole’ cultivar is a relatively old line dating from 1957, bred for use in cities and streetscapes. This variety is thornless, nearly seedless, and its leaves turn an attractive yellow color in the fall. An attractive feature of this variety is that the ‘Skycole’ cultivar does not require much water, and is heat tolerant, making it a perfect tree to plant for community foresters and college campuses.

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