Sawtooth Oak

Arbor walk #80

The Sawtooth Oak is a medium sized deciduous tree, growing 40-60 feet tall with a broad-spreading, rounded crown. It is native to China, Korea and Japan and grows yellow-green flowers and oval acorns with spiny, scaly cups.

Name Sawtooth Oak
Latin Name Quercus acutissima
Type Adaptive
Diameter 26.5″ dbh
Color of Leaf Dark green, glossy
Shape of Leaf Oblong to 7″ long, llance-shaped, chestnut like
Color of Flower Inconspicuous yellowish-green
Shape of Flower Separate male & female catkins
Fruit Characteristics Acorns oval 1″ long with spiny-scaly cups that extend 2/3 of acorn length
Bark Characteristics Gray to black, develops corky ridging with age
Foliage Type Deciduous

The Sawtooth Oak is a species of oak that was imported as an ornamental tree from Asia in 1920. It produces acorns at a relatively young age which makes it a valuable tree for wildlife that feed on the acorns. It is generally considered a low-maintenance tree but may not be reliably hardy during St. Louis winters since it is not very tolerant of freezing weather.

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