White Eastern Redbud

Arbor walk #86

White Bud is a native cultivar to the Missouri Area with heart-shaped leaves. Its parentage comes from the native Red Bud seen throughout Missouri. It has white flowers in the spring, brown flat seed pods appear in the Fall. White Bud adapts to varying soil types but does not grow to its potential in poorly drained areas.

Name White Eastern Redbud
Latin Name Cercis canadensis f. ‘alba’
Type Native Cultivar
Diameter 3″ caliper
Color of Leaf Dull green to blue-green leaves. turn pale yellow to greenish-yellow in fall
Shape of Leaf Alternate, simple, cordate, broadly ovate to nearly orbicular. 3-5” across
Color of Flower White
Shape of Flower ½” wide, bloom in clusters of 4-10
Fruit Characteristics Flattened leguminous bean-like dry seedpods (to 2-4” long)
Bark Characteristics Smooth, light/medium gray
Foliage Type Deciduous

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