Magnolia ‘Lois’

Arbor walk #90

Magnolia ‘Lois’ is adaptive to the St. Louis region and was introduced in 1998 by the Brooklyn Botanical. It flowers in the Spring with a true pale yellow color and it grows to 30′ tall and 20′ wide.

Name Magnolia ‘Lois’
Latin Name Magnolia x brooklynensis ‘Lois’
Type Adaptable to region
Diameter 2″ caliper
Color of Leaf Dark green, turning yellow to brown in the Fall
Shape of Leaf Simple and broadly ovarate, arranged alternately on the stem
Color of Flower Pale yellow
Shape of Flower Goblet-shaped
Fruit Characteristics Rarely produced
Bark Characteristics Smooth gray
Foliage Type Deciduous

Magnolia ‘Lois’ is a type of magnolia tree that produces pale yellow flowers that are cup-shaped in the middle of spring. The tree flowers a little later than its relatives, the Stellata and Soulangeana varieties, which helps the ‘Lois’ variety be safer from frost. The tree is primarily used as an ornamental tree and is valued for the flowers, shade, and beauty it provides.

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