Ashe’s Magnolia

Arbor walk #92, Treekeeper ID #4775

Magnolia trees are often regarded as ancient trees, and their flowers and fruit are often considered evidence for the evolution of floral reproductive structures before the emergence of bees.

North and Central America is among the secondary center of Magnolias following central Asia. Magnolias are recognizable through its distinct fruit.

As a result of its large leaves, Magnolias are best planted in areas with low wind speeds or protection from high winds. While some Asian species are used for seasonings or medicinal purposes, American trees are primarily used for shade trees or for lumber. The Ashe’s Magnolia is a regional native to the Southeastern US and adaptable to the St. Louis Region, typically growing to 10’ to 20’ tall and 10’ to 15’ wide.

Common NameAshe’s Magnolia
Latin NameMagnolia asheii
Indigenous Name(s)
Commercial Name

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