Pond Cypress

Arbor Walk #95, TreeKeeper ID #5772

Native to the southeastern U.S., the Pond Cypress is a member of the Taxodium genus. It has deeply furrowed barks and slender needles that emerge from erect shoots. The Pond Cypress has a unique ecology. It is able to tolerate blackwater rivers, swamps, and ponds. The Pond Cypress can reach up to 70’ tall and 20’ wide. It is known for its incredible longevity, with some individuals being several thousands of years old. Part of the reason for this is due to their fire resistant, thick bark. Although not native to St Louis, the tree is adaptable to increasingly humid conditions. The Pond Cypress is also crucial for the ecosystem, as they provide areas for birds to lay their nests as well as hunting grounds for birds of prey. 

Common NamePond Cypress
Latin NameTaxodium ascendens
Indigenous Name(s) 
Commercial Name 

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