Standard Measurements

YearHeight (m)DBH (cm)Caliper (m)Crown Diameter N-S (m)Crown Diameter E-W (m)Average Crown Diameter (m)

Nests and Pests

Year: 2020
Many open wounds- both new and old- have been widened+deepend by insects
One active insect nest on the underside of a branch, with webbing and maggots inside
Many old webworm nests
Large blanket of grey/white lichen and fungus inside an old hollow
1 large canker
1 gash in the bark made by humans or animals
Where the lower branches reach the ground, the bark has been chewed away
Multiple varieties of lichen and algae
Several ‘wet’ bacterial stains on the bark
On many areas with exposed wood, there are small holes (<1mm) from boring insects
Some deeper holes were also observed