Holly ‘Fosteri’

Arbor walk #39

A naturally occurring hybrid species of American Holly and Dahoon, it was found growing in the wild in Florida in 1924. This is a broadleaf evergreen tree of small to medium stature that prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soil and dislikes extreme hot and cold temperatures. Its small white flowers bloom in late spring and are replaced in the fall by small red berry-like drupes, which stay on the branch for the winter.

Name Holly ‘Fosteri’
Latin Name Ilex attenuate ‘Fosteri’
Type Adaptive
Diameter 3.75″ caliper
Color of Leaf Dark green, evergreen
Shape of Leaf 1-4″, alternate and simple, with sharp teeth
Color of Flower Small and white, fragrant
Shape of Flower Inconspicuous
Fruit Characteristics Red berries on females
Bark Characteristics Smooth, grey, and thin
Foliage Type Evergreen

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