Osage Orange ‘White Shield’

Arbor walk #45

This medium-sized tree has a short trunk and rounded crown. It produces large fruit (8-15 cm in diameter) which is roughly spherical, bumpy, and turns bright yellow-green in the fall. 

Name Osage Orange
Latin Name Malclura pomifera ‘White Shield’
Type Native Cultivar, Shade
Diameter 4 ci
Color of Leaf Dark green, turn bright yellow
Shape of Leaf Alternating, simple ovals
Color of Flower Inconspicuous
Shape of Flower Inconspicuous
Fruit Characteristics Large 4-5″ diameter fruit, resembling green orange with tuberculated surface
Bark Characteristics Dark brown, furrowed and scaly
Foliage Type Deciduous

The tree is not related to the Orange tree, and its common name refers to the coloration of its bark and the superficial resemblance of its fruit to an orange rather than any genetic relationship. While the wild-type tree does bear inedible, grapefruit-sized fruit which is most closely related to a fig, the ‘White Shield’ cultivar does not bear fruit. This fruitless variety is generally chosen to be planted alongs trees and sidewalks where the fruit will not become an impediment to the walkway. It is also thornless, and has better heat and drought tolerance compared to the species tree.

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