English Oak

Arbor walk #99

Coming Spring 2021

English Oak is native and found in mixed woodland areas and planted widely in the North America since the 1600s. It has long been a timber source in England. English Oak prefers a moist well-drained soil but can adapt to a wide range of soil conditions. It may take 25 or more years to bear acorns

Name English Oak
Latin Name Quercus robur
Type Adaptive
Diameter 2.5” caliper
Color of Leaf Dark green
Shape of Leaf Short stalked with blunt lobes
Color of Flower Insignificant monoecious yellow green
Shape of Flower male flower hang in clusters of catkins, female
flowers are inconspicuous tiny spikes in the leaf axis
Fruit Characteristics Oval acorn
Bark Characteristics Rigid, dark grey to black
Foliage Type Deciduous