Bald Cypress

Arbor Walk #37, Treekeeper ID #2507

The Bald Cypress is the state tree of Louisiana. Despite its resemblance to a needled evergreen tree in the summer, it is actually deciduous. Although it’s a familiar sight around swampy areas in the Deep South, the tree is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and does well even in drier, upland soils. It can be natively found in low-lying wetland areas throughout the lower Mississippi River Valley – including as far north as the southeastern corner of Missouri. In submerged or wet soils, Bald Cypresses will grow “knees” called pneumatophores — specialized roots that allow waterlogged roots below to receive air.

The ‘Mickelson’ is a cultivar of the Bald Cypress, and has a narrower shape and denser foliage than the native species.

More information on the Bald Cypresses in our Arboretum here!

Common NamesBald Cypress, Swamp Cypress,
White Cypress, Red Cypress,
Gulf Cypress
Latin NameTaxodium distichum
Indigenous Name(s)
Cultivar/Variety ‘Mickelson’
Commercial Name SHAWNEE BRAVE

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